Functions of Project Monitoring & Evaluation Cell


Ministry of Communications (MOC) has established a “Project Monitoring and Evaluation Cell” (PM & E Cell).


The PM&E Cell shall function under the control and directions of the Secretary (C), in his capacity as Principal Accounting Officer, Basic function of the PM&E Cell is “Overall Monitoring of the Development Projects in the Ministry and its departments/organizations. Duties and functions of the  cell as laid down in approved PC-I are outlined as under:

Progress review of the projects under execution viz-a-viz their work plan based on Bar Charts, CPM and PERT etc., and analyzing the physical/financial progress viz-a-viz the PC-I; For physical verification at site, field visits shall be conducted by officers of the PM &E Cell  in the presence of field officers of agency concerned. 


Assessing benefits from the project viz-a-viz expenditure on it to verify receipt of value for money; As a procurement audit,record of tendering and award of contract shall be examined to verify if the procurement process is efficient and economical, and that the procuring agency is conducting it in a fair and transparent manner.


Quality checking of goods and works from record,visual inspection and or laboratory testing by utilizing project laboratories,equipment and staff from any agency under the MOC .The testing shall be done in the presence of field officers of the agency concerned who shall sign the record duly witnessed. The cell may utilize research and Laboratory facilities of Engineering Universities in Pakistan.


 Scrutiny of projects documents (PC-1 to iv)including  technical feasibility and economic viability, for their approval or otherwise, and tracking of the approved projects for their performance (as envisaged) during the design life; As a performance audit, B/C ratio of the project at the end of design life shall be compared with that given in its PC-I.


The PM&E Cell is authorized to make correspondence with all the agencies under the administrative control of MOC on the directions of its DG/PD for proper functioning of the PM& E Cell, in accordance with Para 2 above, for which necessary assistance and cooperation may kindly be provided by all the agencies/Department at appropriate level, so that the functioning of the PM & E Cell  of this Ministry is facilitated.